Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen honey bees and nucs

from Ohio

July 2016

A wonderful new Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen has been bred.   The same gentle, productive, winter tolerant Ohio Buckeye Belle but with the added benefit of some remarkable drone insemination to produce even better production, winter hardiness and VSH traits.

Classes start August 26, 2017

Queens will be available in June 2017.

"Ohio Buckeye Belle Queens" and nucs

Exclusively produced by Vickie Bowman  authorized by Dana Stahlman.  

The TRUE Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen will have a yellow numbered tag

to place your order   Please contact

Vickie Bowman          at


               937. 947 .1568

Limited Supply of OVERWINTERED 2017 NUCS available.   Please check in Mid February for pricing and availability.  SOLD OUT

Taking orders for 2017 nucs, notoverwintered, with 2017 Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen.    Available mid June.