Located in Miami County along the Stillwater River.

We're working hard to mate our queens for VSH.  To that end we've added VSH stock to our mating yards for our open mated Ohio Buckeye Belle Queens.


Stillwater river apiary

The "Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen"

The Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen is special.  The Ohio Buckeye Belle survives Ohio winters with ease, is gentle and produces a good brood pattern.  Her daughters make excellent queens themselves and we are proud to be able to offer these queens to other beekeepers.

The original Buckeye Belle Queen was a queen from a tree in the woods that survived without mankind intervention.  

If a queen needs replaced:

You must notify me immediately as soon as a problem with the queen is noted.  I will arrange a shipping schedule for the replacement queen.  You will be expected to return the dead old tagged  queen in a standard envelope sent to me as a condition for the replacement queen .

Weather conditions are variable and queen production depends on gooD weather conditions.

Our Guarantee

If you purchase a numbered tag queen directly from me,  I will replace the queen if she fails after she has been successfully introduced to the hive for one month for the following reasons:

1) poor mating  -- a well mated queen should continue to lay eggs throughout the summer season -- no shot gun brood patterns should appear in your hives.

2) aggressive behavior -- you can not determine the aggressiveness of the bees a queen produces immediately.  If a tagged queen produces aggressive bees within 3 months, we will replace the queen.


The Price for "Ohio Buckeye Belle Queens for 2019  

Queens available by first ordered -- 

        $35.00 each



Postage will be added:

We will ship overnight. The cost will depend on the shipper selected and a handling charge will be added.

Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen honey bees and nucs

from Ohio