Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen honey bees and nucs

from Ohio

        2018- We've added VSH to our open mated queen yards.   Working hard to make the OBBQ even better!

We all want the magic bean.  The one that will make varroa, hive beetle, tracheal mite and nosema go away.  We all need a group of people to study and experiment to try to find this magic bean  But as of this point varroa, hive beetle, tracheal mite an nosema are here to stay.  But we also need a bean to eliminate pesticides from the environment that is so dangerous to our pollinators  and another to provide more forage.  But so far the magic bean does not exist.

When a bee is bred to have a single dominate trait other traits go by the wayside.  Here's some other good questions to ask.  Is the queen gentle? Is she a good honey producer? Does she have a good brood pattern?  Is she resistant to diseases?

A little bit about the Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen.   She was not produced in a protected environment, she came into existence and continues to thrive in the same environment your bees actually live in.  Ohio winters do not bother her or her daughters.  She is gentle and this trait carries through to her daughters.   Her brood pattern is to be envied by any beekeeper who happens to see.  She is a great honey producer.  She is guaranteed to be gentle and have a good brood pattern.  The Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen is a superior queen in all ways.

The more diverse the genetics in your apiary the stronger your apiary and your neighbors apiary will be.   You are not in beekeeping alone, what you have in your apiary will also affect the apiaries in the flying area of your bees and vice versa. 

Proud breeder of the Ohio Buckeye Belle Queen.         And proud to recommend independent Ohio queen producers.